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Joye Ardyn Durham

joye ardyn durham - artist with camera

Fine art and nature photographer from the Asheville area with images from the mountains along the Blue Ridge Parkway to the waves of the Carolina Coast. See more at


Joye is an award winning photographer who has been involved in photography for over 50 years. Her images have been published worldwide through several stock agencies. She photographs nature, landscapes, art as well as portraits, dogs, food and family events. Besides having her own gallery for 23 years she has also worked as photo editor for the local magazine, The Laurel of Asheville.

She has been published in WNC Magazine, Our State Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Black Mountain News, Great Smoky Mountain Association, The Laurel of Asheville and other publications in North Carolina, Kentucky and Florida. She has done work for Paramount Pictures, including the movie "28 Days" and the television show "Ed", along with both Kentucky and North Carolina State Park systems.

Artist Statement:

"Photography is my passion. It is that thing. You know, that thing you do that takes you away from every other thing. When I am out shooting, whether it be a sunrise, a newborn baby, or a family gathering, I lose all sense of past and future. I am there in the moment. Completely present.
When you are a photographer, you are also a weather person.

You watch the weather conditions as if they were an old friend coming to visit. You have to prepare and get ready. You make sure your equipment is ready. You get up at 3:30-4:00 in the morning. You travel, sometimes 3-4 hours to that special destination. All the while, getting excited about what you will see. And then it happens, the sun comes up, shining the light on the earth and waking up the day. There it is, the Light. The Light that carries with it new opportunities to create. Without the Light there would be no creation. And creating is what fills my spirit. Creating images is my gift to share and I am grateful beyond words."


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